Bjørn Klakegg is born in Skien 30 of January 1958.
He studied at Trondheim Music Conservatory from 1979-
1981 and has worked as a freelance musician since 1985.

He has been a member of different groups, like Extended Nose, Out To Lunch, Terje Gewelt Trio. At VossaJazz 1988
he also had the privilage to play with Van Morrisson.

Mostly Bjørn has focused on his own projects. With NUKU from 1990-1995. In 1998 his long lasting cooperation with percussion player Harald Skullerud started, which resulted
in 3 Cd´s. The first as a duo, then as a trio with Kåre Vestrheim and at last as a quartet with Per Willy Aaserud and Andreas Utnem.

Now his main project is Needlepoint, a powerful quartet with David Wallumrød (organ/clavinet), Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen (bass) and Olaf Olsen (drums). They have realesed four albums; “The Woods Are Not What They Seem” (2010), “Outside the Screen" (2012), “Aimless Mary" (2015) and "The Diary of Robert Reverie" (2018). Needlepoint have played at several festivals in Norway, at different clubs, and has also been touring in China. In November 2013 they played in Paris.

Bjørn is also a member of Vidar Johansen Quartet and Terje Gewelt Band. Besides composing for his bands, Bjørn has also been working a lot as a composer for theatre and dance performances.